The Mass Box is an all in one solution for Mass Prep for the family with 5-8 year olds. Watch the webisode show making a craft and discussing the readings. Use the kid-friendly weekly magazine for the readings and discussion questions along with craft directions and great quiet activities for Mass (Highlights-style water color pages, coloring sheets, word searches, etc…). Make the craft with all the materials ready to go, included in the box! Then, at some point in the month, watch the included SuperBook DVD, themed with the readings that month. GET YOUR FAMILY ENGAGED IN THE MASS! 90% of learning for kids 2nd grade and under is kinesthetic – let us do the work preparing the activities, you just spend the family fun and prayer time. Choose the version right for your family below! 

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So what's in a Mass Box?

Check out these examples:

August Box

July Box

April Box

changed, or suspended at any time! Just log in to your account. If you need help or aren’t happy with the Mass Box, e-mail us at orders@themassbox.com so we can fix the problem or refund your order. Comparison prices are verses multiple one child kits month-to-month.

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