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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week on Catholic Crafts with Clare, we make a fishing net with four disciples and talk about Jesus calling us to be fishers of men! We’ve upgraded the craft supplies for 2020. The crafts include stickers for the verse and affixing the net to the sticks, wooden men for the disciples, and elastic string for sewing the net sides closed.

A Message To Parents:

A few years ago a short film was produced and distributed called “Fishers of Men.” It was sent to all the parishes in our diocese to inspire vocations. 

Something that always strikes me about the concept of being “fishers of men” is we are ALL called to follow Christ and make disciples, no matter what our vocations. I encourage you to watch the video with your kids and discuss it. I found the video and am linking it below. 

  • Ashley Zahorian, Mass Box mom
The following materials have suggested age ranges. Use as you see fit for your family! 

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