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” I must share this with you. Our youngest girls Annie and Maggie asked to attend every Mass and service during the Triduum. Holy Thursday, Good Friday AND the longer Easter Vigil Mass. Why is this something to write about? Well Laura and I directly attribute this to the Mass Box. The crafts and interactive questions discussed below made them interested in the week’s activities. In fact they both are gaining a better understanding of the weekly Gospels readings since we began utilizing the activities in the Mass Box. Take it from our personal testimony….the Mass Box made a difference for them and it will for your kids as well. You do not have to be a crafty person to do the weekly crafts…they are simple and adequate instructions are provided to make them easy to complete.” – Pete Socks, The Catholic Book Blogger/Patheos

“Helping prepare your little ones for Sunday Mass can be a time-consuming effort. In reality, it was something that just didn’t get done in my house. I like to read the Mass readings online and the CatholicMom.com Gospel reflections for myself, but rarely did I have the time or energy to work on something for my young children. Then I heard about The Mass Box. This great subscription program is designed for four to eight year old children to teach them about the gospel reading with a short online webisode, a pre-packaged craft for each week, and an awesome little magazine with the Mass readings, a coloring page about the Gospel and written instructions on how to do each craft.” – Michelle Faehnle, CatholicMom.com

“I love the number of crafts that are included with all the needed supplies (we just needed a pair of scissors and a paint brush). The cardboard box was even used as part of the materials for one of the crafts!  The full color….magazine is packed with easy-to-follow instructions for the crafts, explanations of the Feast Days and Catholic teaching, discussion questions, Mass Readings for the Sundays of the Month, prayers and related puzzles and activities. Craft Tutorials include thorough directions and step-by-step pictures. It is quite a comprehensive little magazine!” – Monica McConkey, Equipping Catholic Families 

“The Mass Box had something for each Sunday. Each craft was packaged neatly in a Ziploc bag, labeled with a name and the date we were to make it for. The girls got to make a sock sheep, a bumblebee, a Ten Commandments picture, and a “Going Up to Heaven” craft. It was fun to see how these crafts made the readings in the Mass very hands-on for the kids….Inside (the magazine), we found the readings for each Sunday in May. These were followed by instructions for that week’s craft. Then there were discussions questions about the readings and activities, such as a word search, maze, and drawing or colouring page. Again, I appreciated how each activity prodded the girls to think a bit more about the readings. I actually took the magazine to Mass with us one Sunday. Lily sat quietly with a pen, drawing and doing mazes, during Mass. Having the readings in front of her, along with kid-friendly ways to reflect on those readings, helped her focus during Mass (particularly during our priest’s long homily).” – Bonnie Way, The Koala Mom.com

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