Celebrate the First Day of Advent and check out a discussion on the day’s readings, with a video from ‘Catholic Crafts with Clare’ that features a how-to instructional for our special Advent Candles. We still have a few left for shipping this year, so put in your order today by following the “One Time Gifts” tab above! For this Sunday’s telescope craft, find the printable directions, links to the readings, and other activity materials below.

Jesus said to His disciples: “Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come.” (MATT 13:33)

Every Sunday and Holy Day we make a craft for the readings!

The following printables and linked materials are good for kids from 5 to 12! Use as you see fit for your family! All of the printable downloads below are completely free for you and we link to materials on other sites to help you find them. 

If you’d like the full resources (aka, the physical craft materials for the specific crafts) you can subscribe here to get The Mass Box delivered to your door. 

Download our free resources to print at home:

You’ll be able to pick and choose which of the companion materials you want to print, all from one PDF. It’ll open immediately… and we’ll even email them to you in the future every time we release new ones (once a week):

Links to the readings and other websites:

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