The Mass Box comes right to your home. 

The crafts and activities are themed to the liturgical readings for each Sunday and Holy Day. 

All the prep work is done so you can just open a craft kit and dive in with your kids! 

How it works:

Step 1: Sign up!

Step 2: We mail you a box.

Step 3: Enjoy quality family time diving into the Bible and doing VBS-style crafts themed to weekly readings! 

It's that easy!

The Mass Box Family Box: Do a craft themed to every Sunday readings!

Every kit includes a SuperBook DVD for the family and craft sets and instructions individually packaged craft materials for every child for every week. 

One child full kit: $26.95/mo (click here for 3, 6, or 12 month prepay)

Two children full kit: $42.95/mo (click here for 3, 6, or 12 month prepay)

Three children full kit: $59.95/mo (click here for 3, 6, or 12 month prepay)

Four children full kit: $74.95/mo (click here for 3, 6, or 12 month prepay)

Lent and Advent Boxes

Every year we send a special Advent box and a special Lent box – they do NOT contain the same items as the monthly boxes. To make sure you get both, they are available as subscriptions. They will start with the current/next liturgical season. New subscriptions will start with Advent 2022 as Lent 2022 is sold out! The theme is yet to be announced, but hand-rolled Advent beeswax candles will be a part of the kit! 

Get Lent and Advent Boxes without remembering to re-order: Subscribe here

The Mass Box Lite: one craft each, all instructions, and DVD per family a month:

If you can only handle one craft a month (we get it) but have multiple kids, here is the Mass Box lite for several kids.

One child lite kit ($14.95/mo)

Two children lite kit ($24.95/mo)

Three children lite kit ($33.95/mo)

Four children lite kit ($41.95/mo)

Prepare Kids for Mass

with hands-on crafts, videos, printables, and activities all themed to the Sunday readings! We have subscriptions of all sizes for the only
child, to the large parish or classroom (please fill out our request form for more information on large bulk orders!) The Mass Box is ideal for kids 5 to 9, or any child who is into crafting!

why catholic parents love us:

Instruction you can trust: We are a team of devout Catholic parents and young adults.

Easy to use: All materials provided; just have scissors and glue on hand!

Excitement about faith: Hands-on, fun craft projects that get them thinking about Jesus!

Made by Catholic families for Catholic families: From our family to yours.

what catholic parents are saying about the mass box:

Thoughtfully created. A blessing.
Right now, with the holiest time of year approaching and churches closed, it was ESSENTIAL for me to find Sunday school materials for my 4 children. I have been finding free printable worksheets, but this will take things to a whole new level, with colorful crafts. I can't wait to sit down with everyone on Sunday and dig in to the first lesson. I'm not sure if we'll continue to need (or have time for) weekly crafts in addition to regular Sunday school and church attendance, once this quarantine is over, but for this month at least (maybe May as well?), the box is a real necessity for us. There's nothing else like this available, and I'm very grateful it exists." - Katie
We love the Mass Box!
We engage in the Gospel message all week long. The materials are interesting and beautifully written. - Jacqueline, a Mass Box Mom
"Take it from our personal testimony….the Mass Box made a difference for them and it will for your kids as well. You do not have to be a crafty person to do the weekly crafts…they are simple and adequate instructions are provided to make them easy to complete.” – Pete Socks, The Catholic Book Blogger/Patheos
Helping prepare your little ones for Sunday Mass can be a time-consuming effort. In reality, it was something that just didn’t get done in my house...rarely did I have the time or energy to work on something for my young children. Then I heard about The Mass Box. – Michelle Faehnle,
“I love the number of crafts that are included with all the needed supplies. The cardboard box was even used as part of the materials for one of the crafts!" - Monica McConkey, Equipping Catholic Families
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