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Second Sunday of Advent: Locust Craft

Welcome to our first “digital magazine” collection of materials to help YOUR FAMILY get ready for Mass! Thank you for bearing with us as we’ve worked through this transition. The month of December will be free preview access for all, then in January the materials will be for subscribers only. You can subscribe for the Mass Box (and get the craft materials sent to you) and it will include online access or just get online access. You know, if you are really crafty. Or really anti-crafty. You decide. – Ashley 

A Message To Parents:

We light another purple candle today, which represents peace. Speaking of peace, how peaceful is your home as Christmas nears?

This holy day has often been hijacked by media blitz of sales and commercialization. It’s difficult to enjoy a soft snowfall or quiet afternoon hot chocolate when the atmosphere is full of reminders to buy presents and mail cards and decorate and cook a big Instagram-ready dinner.

Before doing anything, let’s make it a point to pray. Pray about what to give or do or say to others that would best communicate God’s unending, unconditional love for them. Take the time to pray with your family as you light the Advent wreath. Turn off the technology and reclaim that time for yourself and your loved ones this season.

Your family deserves peace as we celebrate the Prince of Peace’s birth! What would best allow that peace to reach every family member this season?

God Bless,
Genevieve Perkins

The following materials have suggested age ranges. Use as you see fit for your family! 

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