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Second Sunday of Easter

We make a nail necklace cross to discuss Thomas’ skeptical response to the apostles’ claim that Jesus was risen! Hallelujah, He is Risen!!! Also remember this weekend is Divine Mercy Sunday.

A message to parents: 

Well, this weekend is a bittersweet one for us. 

We had a huge 10th anniversary party planned… take over the state park for the weekend, big party with the kids and extended family and friends. Of course, that’s been cancelled (hopefully postponed to fall). But that’s just a party. What matters is we have a family, we have our faith, we are all healthy. 

What are you thankful for this Divine Mercy Sunday?

When I look at Thomas’ doubt, I can understand. He’s dead, right? Why are the disciples making this crazy claim? Is it a 1st century prank? But Jesus casts out all doubt. And here we are, about 2,000 years later. Even as our churches are limited and Masses are private and live streamed, who are we? Are we doubting? Or do we not yet see, but believe?

  • Ashley Zahorian, Mass Box Mom
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