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Fourth Sunday in Lent

Jesus smeared clay on the man’s eyes,and said “Go wash in the Pool of Siloam”.” Create the Pool of Siloam to add to your gameboard! (Mar 22, 2020). How would you feel if someone healed you? 

A message to parents: 

Things are HARD right now. It’s a scary and uncertain time for us and for our children as we face COVID-19 and the ramifications. While we should be cautious and careful, we need to be careful but faithful and hopeful. 

What a reading for this Sunday! What a message of hope, as the blind man trusts in Jesus, even as he operates outside the norm by “working” by healing on a Sabbath. The man who can now see sees the simple truth – he was healed by God. How can we lean more on God in these days? 

  • Ashley Zahorian, Mass Box Mom
The following materials have suggested age ranges. Use as you see fit for your family! 

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