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Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. We are wise when we follow the law of the Lord and strive for holiness and purity instead of pushing the edge as close as possible to not break the law. We make a “law of the Lord” badge to talk about this concept! 2020 improvement from our classic craft: self-adhesive rhinestones instead of gluing on sequins. 

A Message To Parents:

I always tell my kids to look at rules not as “how close to breaking them as can I get,” but rather “how far away from breaking the rule can I stay.”

One example is an edge of a cliff. If you will die if you fall over the edge, should you try to go as close as possible to the edge and hope you don’t slip, or should you stay a safe distance away? Should you try to balance the dish on the edge of the table, or push it safely from the edge so you won’t spill all your food and risk breaking the plate?

It’s an analogy I learned when I was an intern with Silver Ring Thing, an awesome organization that helps teens learn about God’s plans for purity. They actually just re-launched as “Unaltered.” I highly encourage you check them out, especially if you have any middle or high school students. 

Anyway, I highly encourage you to help your kids start to  understand God gives us laws as guidelines to help us be happy and fulfilled – not to hurt us or limit us!

This law of the Lord badge craft was one of our most popular crafts when we made it last Cycle A. It’s a great way to talk about holding up God’s laws and living to be as in the spirit of the law as possible – and not just avoiding breaking the law.  

  • Ashley Zahorian, Mass Box mom
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