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Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

What is your family history? Through our baptisms, we’ve all been brought into Jesus’ family tree. Presenting a child in the temple is an important Jewish tradition. Jesus is presented in the temple, and the holy people there RECOGNIZE his divinity. 

A Message To Parents:

While making the family tree with you children, I encourage you to discuss the importance of Jesus’ lineage. All of the Old Testament prophecies about the savior are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. In this early episode of Jesus’ life, his divinity is recognized by Simeon and Anna. 

How do we recognize Christ? How do we point our children toward Christ? 

You can also talk with you children about your own family tree and important people in the family history. 

  • Ashley Zahorian, Mass Box mom
The following materials have suggested age ranges. Use as you see fit for your family! 

Ages 5-7

    • Children’s Readings and Reflections Not Available for this Sunday

Ages 8-10+

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